Keystones Worcester Launch A Safe Night Initiative

Keystones Worcester, a local cocktail bar in the heart of the Worcester city centre, has launched a brand-new initiative aimed at helping people to have a safer night out.  Naturally, anyone heading to town is thinking about hanging out with their friends, knocking back some too familiar tasting shots of tequila and dancing like no one is watching.  Some say it’s the best recipe for a great night out. Most of the time everything works out great but just occasionally things don’t.  To help with this, Keystones Cocktail Bar is launching their ‘Safe Night Initiative’.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
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If you’re person that enjoys going out on the town then you’ll almost certainly know of a time when a great night has taken a twisting turn.  These mishaps can range from a new student at the university losing their friends and not knowing the city well enough to get back home to a date that has gone wrong and it’s time to make a swift exit.  Whatever the reason there are times when just wanting to leave early and get back to the comfort of your own home makes perfect sense.  That’s when you might need a helping hand.

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Sometimes it’s really difficult to foresee what might happen.  There was the case of this chap you needed to get some fresh air and stepped out of a venue to find that the door closed behind him. He’d been having a great time and life was both literally and metaphorically a bit foggy.  It was also very snowy.  All around the buildings and ground were covered in snow – Some of it quite thick.  The temperature had dropped, and he admits he was dressed for the cold.  He couldn’t find his friends; phone had run out of charge and he had no plan to get home.  Not a great place to be.  That’s when the worry set in with that big question in mind, how am I going to get home?  He remembers walking through the chill looking for a taxi – a rare beast when it snows.  He got lucky and found a driver willing to negotiate the weather.  He admits that fortune was on his side.

Not everyone plans their night or thinks about those sorts of things.  It’s easy to become swept up in the fun without thinking about how what happens afterwards.   With these situations in mind, Keystones Cocktail Club of Worcester have teamed up with some great local taxi firms like Woober, to make sure you get home safe.  Walking off in the snow or breaking away from your friends is not a good idea.  If you’re at Keystones you can now just go back inside and ask for help and the team will work with you to find a safe solution.  Woober is a modern Worcester-based taxi company that you can book through your phone.  This way a taxi can be right outside ready to take you home if you need it.

Keystones Safe night Out

And, if you can’t afford the fare, the guys at Keystones will help you work out a plan.  They want to make sure you have a great night out.  A night where you feel safe and comfortable and this way it’s one less thing you must worry about.

So if you feel like you are stranded, don’t know Worcester that well or just want to get home safely – head to the bar and talk to a member of staff and they’ll do their best to ensure you get home safe and sound.  If you’d like to know more about this then head over to our social media today or you can reach out to keystones who will be happy to answer any questions you have today.

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